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My name is Michelle, and I have extremely sensitive skin. Years ago my head had itchy red, painful bumps that were turning into little blisters from chemicals in shampoo. I have had scalp growths (that weren't a bother since I was a kid which disappeared when I got older.  However, my scalp sensitivity returned in my 30's. I tried to ignore it, but the bumps on my head hurt and were not going away. It would hurt when I combed or brushed my hair. I could no longer use liquid organic shampoo much to my dismay. I had to figure out something because the bumps on my head were getting painfully worse and nothing I switched to helped until I started formulating my own shampoo bars made from 100% natural and raw sources. I began studying chemistry and didn't stop test batching my own formulations until I was successful in using them on my face (no drying spots) and my sensitive scalp. It worked! 

My Background I grew up 100% plant based. It was called "vegetarian" when I was growing up but today it's called vegan. I have adopted a whole food plant-based lifestyle which I enjoy for health, ecological,  and humane reasons. 

Growing up, it was rare for us to go to the doctor even as very young children. I was given healthy food and herbs instead of medicine. I was taught about the benefits of foods, herbs, sunshine, and exercise as a preventative "medicine" and was never sick. 

In our house as a kid we didn't go to the doctor as for poison oak. Our family knew about an herbal poultice that could be applied to the skin to take away poison oak/ivy itch. Now I know after studying that there are many herbs that help with poison ivy and oak!

The education of herbs and healthy food choices along with the knowledge about our human body and its systems, educated me at an early age where I was taught all about cells and our immunity. By age four, I already knew about the anatomy of the body and how certain foods and herbs affect our cells and how to heal using plants. I was a blessed kid thanks to where I grew up and for my elders who passed this knowledge to me so early in life.

Finding the solution! I knew I needed to get laser focused and apply the things I had learned as a child to my situation. I started studying and expanding my knowledge about essential oils, herbs, plants, and chemistry and began formulating my own all-natural holistic skincare that helped my skin return to it's natural normal healthy state. I purposely left out the irritating detergents, sodium laurel sulfates, BHT, propylene glycol, chemical fillers, and artificial colorants & surfactants, found in most soaps and skincare. I added fresh virgin organic cold pressed oils, natural botanical herbs, flowers, clays, and found that using my natural formulas did more than help heal; my pores shrunk, the formulations balanced the dry and oily parts of my delicate skin and gave my skin a healthy smooth appearance. My scalp issues calmed down until they were completely gone- and thats when I knew I had found my panacea-plant based skincare. 

Formulating for the world. It took me a few years to perfect my formulas. I worked and worked until I finally came up with a formula so gentle and effective that people with more problematic skin conditions than my own found great relief. My soaps and lotions caught on to my friends and family. The bumps on my head went away, our friends, relatives, and co workers that had skin issues were relieved, and we started getting repeat requests. It was so exciting to be able to use my knowledge to help others! Truly life changing for all of us! 

From small beginnings to today! My husband finally left his job to come help out with Me and a Tree in 2010 as we were growing and I needed the help with my new business! We are today a female owned and family operated business! We love what we do, and we have finally purchased five acres and are beginning the next phase of Me and Tree- land to grow all of our herbs and expand our company into a health and wellness utopia!

Our blogs have a lot of helpful information from recipes, to gardening, to skincare, and related topics that we update regularly. Since the pandemic we were forced to completely shut down for over a year and we had to pivot fast or lose our business as all of our farmers markets were 100% shut down- just like that overnight. For a small business (or any business) staying IN business is next to impossible when everything shut down for so long but... WE DID IT! Thanks to people like you who continued to support us online! Thank you so much for your loyal support! Without support, we wouldn’t be here today!

You may purchase our products online from anywhere in the USA and may pick up products from participating stores in Florida & Tennessee (visit our locations page at the bottom of our website for more info). 

A Quick But Generous Thank You! I'm very passionate about health and making artisan eco-friendly & cruelty-free products for people like you, who care about the health and well being of not only yourself but also the well-being of your friends and family!  Thank you so much for continuing to support an American based female-owned family business like ours. When you support American-made companies like ours, you help create jobs in the USA during a very up and down economy. By supporting us you are also supporting growers and small family farms too. So, from our family to yours-thank you so much for making a difference and caring about small artisan businesses like ours!

Be blessed,
Michelle Touchstone,
Skin Care Formulator/Owner
Wilder Tennessee

Want to get your hands on our eco-friendly cruelty-free sustainable products? You may purchase online and read about all our products or stop by. Check out our location/events page on our website. We ship to the Continental USA and internationally. All our creations are eco-friendly, sustainable and created from scratch. We do not use pre-made bases or sell anything that destroy rain-forests or animal habitats. We source ethically and are glad to support American farms.

Enjoy knowing that all of our selections are handmade & cruelty-free.

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