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Me and a Tree Skin Care

All In One Soap Bar Gift Set

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Our Me and a Tree All In One Natural Soap Gift Set combination includes 

Natural Soap Saver Body Exfoliator. Reef Safe. No synthetic fibers. Great for dry brushing dead skin before an oil massage treatment. It can be used as an exfoliating mitten or soap pouch to bathe and lather. 100 percent natural and safe for the environment. 

Bee My Honey & Oats Natural Artisan Handcrafted Face & Body Bar Soap 6oz-8.5oz, For all ages. Made with Honey, Oats, Virgin Olive Fruit Oil, and Shea. Be My Honey Oat bar is a naturally gentle, cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing for face, hair and the body. Made with pure local honey, unrefined shea, cold-pressed virgin olive fruit oil, colloidal oats in a natural blend of skin-loving oils. This is surely a creamy skin-soothing favorite and a delight for any skin type. Excellent all-in-soap for hair, face, and body.

French Lavender Natural Vegan Artisan Handcrafted Beauty Soap 6oz-8.5oz For all ages. Superior quality pure essential oil bar with natural antibacterial properties. With pure French Lavender, Grade A Unrefined Shea and Cold Pressed Olive Fruit Oil. Our Pure French Lavender Beauty Bar is a must and surely a luxurious all-around head to toe experience. Pure French Lavender is a relaxing staple used throughout for its relaxing aromatic properties. Experience a combination of velvety soft, pure, silky and gentle lather with pure soothing lavender botanicals. Excellent all-in-one shampoo, body wash, facial and smooth shaving soap and is also pet friendly

Our Spearmint Wheatgrass Natural Vegan Artisan Handcrafted Soap 6oz-8.5oz is a staple for many and a skin balancing bar for all ages and all skin types. Spearmint Wheatgrass contains naturally occurring antiseptic properties that support the recovery of problematic, itchy, dry skin, and scalp. Great facial cleanser for as well as having a stimulating action on the mind. Wheatgrass is a gentle detoxifying and cleansing agent for the skin and can be used on hair face and body. It has a stimulating and cooling effect for hypersensitive skin. Excellent anti-itch soap, all-in-one shampoo, body wash, smooth shaving, and facial soap.

Our popular and favorite Tunisia Charcoal Detox Natural Vegan Soap 6oz-8.5oz with Activated Charcoal. Great cleansing and deodorizing bar after the gym. An excellent shampoo, facial and body bar balanced just right with Olive Fruit Oil, Unrefined Shea and much more to deodorize and detoxify without drying.