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The Monoi Oil Has Superpowers: Here's What You Need to Know

Ever wondered where the extraordinary flower scent comes from? The empowering smell has a name—Monoi. The word Monoi actually means “sacred oil”, essentially created from soaking the petals of Tahitian Gardenias, also known as Tiaré flowers in coconut oil. Its sweet and exquisite smell has been adored by the entire world, and for good reason.  So what makes Monoi so particular?   Intense Hydration  The Monoi is a calming and protective oil that hydrates the skin without damaging or stripping its natural oils. Interestingly, tribes in the South Pacific have used Monoi to protect their skin from harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and intense tropical sun.  As Monoi oil is interlaced with coconut oil, which is a natural and deep...

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